shopper360 has always upheld the belief that people are of paramount importance. As such, the way we conduct our business and structure our products has been shaped with this in mind. We prize excellence, integrity and urgency in our work and encourage our staff to have fun at it!


  • What is important to us?

shopper360 has 4 values:


  1. Be Expert: We’re smart people. We know our products & services inside out; and are always ready to dish out information and advice on them.
  2. Collaborative: Two heads are better than one. The best solutions come from working together with our clients, partners & colleagues.
  3. Forward Thinking, Forward Doing: We’re always one step ahead and challenging the status quo.
  4. Enjoy & Respect: We’re fun-loving people who enjoy & respect each other’s differences. We do what we love & love what we do.



We Like Our People Happy


Here at shopper360, we see people as a valuable resource to be nurtured. Drawing on this principle, we have instituted many initiatives and privileges in place aimed at appreciating our shopper360 family. Some of our regular activities include:

  • Annual company trips
  • Annual company dinner
  • Staff welfare
    • Mondays: Tau fu fa day
    • Wednesdays: Ice cream day
    • Fridays: Chiller day
    • Apples everyday
  • Holidays
    • Public holidays that fall on Saturdays are credited to your leave days
    • Extra half day off on the eve of 4 major holidays
  • Training (Internal & External)

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