Taylor’s College & University Intake Spotify Campaign

Campaign Objectives:

In order to reach out to a younger audience, Taylor’s wanted to use Spotify to drive interest and increase their intake numbers with a Spotify year-long campaign. The campaign runs in three separate cycles, each on the run up to the relevant monthly intake period. Taylor’s also wanted to push Spotify to drive awareness of their Open Days and get more students to register to come and look at the campus.


Campaign Idea:

To attract the younger audience, we took the view that a standard media buy is not exciting enough to generate the interest required. Therefore, we set up an API function on Spotify alongside a microsite for Taylor’s. Upon reaching the microsite, the user is invited to input their date of birth, and from there they are directed to answer questions, either for Taylor’s College or Taylor’s University depending on their age. When they have completed the questions, the user is recommended a course or a degree that is suitable to their answers, alongside a personalized playlist based on their interests, and an invite to the nearest Open Day event.