Inspired by our recent visit to Euroshop 2023 (a trade fair for the retail industry) held in Germany, the Retail Innovation Showcase (RIS) is a platform to demonstrate how these new innovations can be applied to entice and enhance the retail experience for consumers everywhere. We’ll be showcasing fresh emerging Point of Sale Materials (POSM) and retail technologies across three countries, specifically Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar. Kicking it off with our very first event in 2015, RIS is now the 5th installment in our series of shopper events. Notably, we also held two virtual engagements as part of our Shopper Marketing Series during the Covid-19 lockdown. It has been, and will continue to be, a practice for shopper360 to consistently introduce new and cutting-edge mediums to the industry.


A glimpse into past events.

Peek into our previous events, coined as the Shopper Marketing Series (SMS), held back in 2015 and 2017. With a total of 4 instalments of SMS under our belt, these exhibitions were created to elevate the current consumer shopping experience.

RIS 2023

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Retail Innovation Showcase featured the latest innovations and tools for brands and retailers to capitalize and further engage consumers, such as digital and in store activation through gamification to enrich brand activation experience. In addition to that, attendees had the opportunity to gain new insights during the scheduled speaker sessions and connected with leading industry professionals.


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