Scam Alert

We have been made aware of a scam from ‘Shopper Network’ using our company’s logo as their WhatsApp profile picture. shopper360 is not affiliated with ‘Shopper Network’ and this is not legitimate. A police report to the relevant authorities has been made.

Kindly be informed that we have released the Company’s announcement on SGXNet. To view the announcement, please click on the following link.

Please stay vigilant! Date 28-Feb-2022

本公司发现Shopper Network非法使用本司标志,作为其公司的WhatsApp头像并进行诈骗。 Shopper360 在此严正声明,Shopper Network并不附属本公司,一切跟本公司无关。 本公司也已经就此事向警方报案

有关此事,本公司已在 SGXNet 正式发布公告。有关公告请按以下链接.

请时刻保持警惕, 避免受骗!28-Feb-2022

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