Whistleblowing Policy
shopper360 Limited (“Company”, “S360”) and its subsidiaries (together with the Company, “Group”) is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and has always recognised the importance of good governance to enhance corporate performance, accountability, shareholders’ value, protection of stakeholders’ interests, financial performance of the Group as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

The Group aims to foster and maintain an environment where whistleblowers (who may be shopper360 employees or members of the public) can act appropriately, without fear of reprisal or retaliation.

In line with this, we have incorporated a Whistleblowing Policy to provide proper avenues and channels for employees and any other persons to raise or report any concerns/issues about serious wrong doings, misconduct, malpractices or improprieties in matters relating to the Group and its officers.

Whistleblower Protection
shopper360 commits to ensure that all disclosed information, including the identity of the whistleblower shall be treated with strict confidentiality. If you raise a genuine concern, you will not be at risk of suffering any detriment (such as reprisal, retaliation or victimisation), provided you are acting in good faith. However, there may be circumstances where information provided by you or your action in disclosing such information, may require disclosure (e.g. requirement by law). Apart from the above, the Group shall discuss and seek consent with the whistleblower first before proceeding with the case.

The protection may be removed if it is found that the whistleblower was involved in the improper conduct, or if the whistleblower is found to have made the disclosures in bad faith.

A dedicated communication channel is established and whistleblowers may contact the Audit Committee Chairman by writing to:
Email: whistleblowing@shopper360.com.my

This is a confidential mailbox for anybody who wants to raise a concern. Disclosure can be made by providing the required details here(Appendix 1)